The Athens of the North

Hi! Let’s try something shall we?

This is a short prose about Edinburgh. It requires you to read it in the narrative tone of Lady Whistledown. But, if you haven’t seen Bridgerton, read it in Morgan Freeman’s voice or in the voice of your favorite podcaster.


The Snow guard of Drottningholm

Typically Swedish Things

In this post, I discuss some Swedish traditions I have experienced and those I have been told about. I reference some similarities with Sierra Leone and the USA.

Välkommen! Have some Swedish Meatballs

First Few Weeks in Sweden Sweden gave me a literal warm welcome. I was greeted by sunny blue skies the day I arrived in Sweden. I got through customs with no hassle, and as promised, DIS staff greeted me at the airport. I wasn’t prepared for the camera that was shoved in my face, though […]

About Me

Aw du! Hello! Hej!

I am Godfrella. This spring I am studying abroad at DIS-Stockholm and I will be sharing my experiences with you.

Let’s have fun engaging with Sweden and DIS from an international perspective.

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